Business Outline

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The Diagnostics Business Group serves as the core business of our company. We mainly develop, manufacture and market in vitro diagnostics for hospital laboratories and clinical test centers. As a pioneer of biochemical testing, Sekisui Medical has always played a leading role with regard to in vitro diagnostics for the biochemical sector. In particular, the originality of the core technologies we apply in the lipids field keeps us way ahead of our competitors. The reagents we have developed to directly measure HDL-C and LDL-C hold the top market share both in Japan and overseas.

RapidTesta Color FLU stick

In recent years we have also launched a new latex reagent created by combining diagnostics development techniques (LTIA method) with latex technology that is based upon microparticle technology.
Our product lineups focus on five key areas (biochemistry, blood coagulation, diabetes, infectious diseases and advanced technology), and we aim to win the top market share in each of these sectors. In addition, we are expanding our lineup of specialized analyzers in each key area. We offer a comprehensive system of diagnostics and analyzers to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Provision of Information

As a comprehensive manufacturer of diagnostic products, we contribute to medical care by providing information about diagnostics, analyzers and test equipment.

Sales Offices
Sales Offices Hokkaido Sales Office (Sapporo), Tohoku Sales Office (Sendai), East Japan Sales Office (Saitama), Metropolitan Sales Office (Tokyo), Chubu Sales Office (Nagoya), West Japan Sales Office (Osaka), Chugoku & Shikoku Sales Office (Hiroshima), Kyushu Sales Office (Fukuoka)
No. of sales reps Approx. 200
They provide clinicians with technical information about our products.
Showroom Ariake
Our showroom provides information about our comprehensive system of diagnostics and analyzers via the analyzers we have on display, training sessions on how to operate them, and demonstrations.


Our Customer Support functions as a consultation service to provide support for medical care. We see ourselves as a partner who provides laboratories with reliable information and technologies. We respond to customers' requests via a support system that covers all aspects of testing, and includes technical support to solve any questions you may encounter when you consider using our products, technical and scientific support to ensure trouble-free use, a maintenance service for specialized analyzers, and comprehensive support regarding diagnostics and analyzers.
Our maintenance service for specialized analyzers consists of a call center dedicated to dealing with inquiries about equipment and a maintenance office. It has a system in place to respond swiftly to your queries or requests.

Overseas Offices

We are expanding our marketing activities in Asia, the US, Europe and the rest of the world, with a particular emphasis on reagents that directly measure HDL-C and LDL-C.
In addition to utilizing the overseas sales network of the SEKISUI High Performance Plastics Company, we are increasing the number of staff we have posted overseas and expanding overseas sales of our best-selling domestic products.

Tsukuba Plant

The Tsukuba Plant in Ryugasaki, Ibaraki Prefecture was constructed in 1990 as a production facility for in vitro diagnostics. It is installed with a wide range of production lines to handle multiproduct manufacturing, and a new pharmaceutical production building was constructed in 2007 to boost productive capacity. In 2012 a logistics facility was built to ensure consistent product management, and was integrated into the plant organization as an SCM center whose function is to accept orders and handle distribution.
A quality control system is in place to maintain high product quality, and the Tsukuba Plant earned ISO9001certification in 2003 and ISO13485 certification in 2005. The plant aims to continuously reduce its impact on the environment, and acquired ISO14001 certification in 2011.

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