This page has been created for medical personnel.

Five teams of specialist staff provide customer support!

We have set up five teams of specialist staff whose function is to respond to the diverse needs of our customers.
Here we will tell you a little more about the distinctive functions of each service.

1. The Call Center

    • "We're having problems because we've lost the data...."
    • "We got these measurement values, but how should we interpret them?"
  1. Our specialist staff handle inquiries ranging from product details to operating methods, and more.

Feel free to contact us for advice, or if you are having problems such as machine trouble.

We record the phone calls to ensure that the details regarding inquiries are accurate.

EV800 0120-800-402
CP2000・CP3000 0120-367-182
RapidPIA / S40M40 0120-367-677
Package inserts / Other 0120-249-977
CoaguChek 0120-921-207

Specialized reps at the Ariake Showroom provide clear explanations about the equipment, as well as about such topics as more advanced operations and maintenance.

2. Equipment Service

    • "A component replacement error message came up."
    • "There was a malfunction and it suddenly stopped working."
  1. We provide support for the CP3000 and other devices in the event of diverse malfunctions, as well as support for their various related products.

3. Technical Service

    • "The measured values are not within the quality control range. Why?"
    • "I want to set items in a new channel."
  1. We provide support for issues involving product data, operation of the equipment, and so on.

4. Analytical Service

    • "What results would we get with a different measurement method?"
    • "Why are we getting negative measurement values?" etc.
  1. We provide accurate information from a variety of different angles based on a study of the analytical results, and help to resolve the problem.

5. Scientific Service

    • "Why do non-specific reactions occur for reagents?"
    • "Is there a disease for which this abnormal value is displayed?"
  1. We provide up-to-the-minute information from a scientific perspective, as well as scientific information about upcoming prospects and developments.

This page has been prepared for medical staff (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, clinical laboratory technicians, nurses, etc.) in Japan to ensure the correct use of our products. Kindly be aware that it is not intended to provide information for overseas medical staff or the general public.