This page has been created for medical personnel.

This is a communication space which displays the latest test equipment and diagnostics directly connected with your work, such as blood coagulation, biochemistry, diabetes and POCT, and a place where you can observe their performance and technologies for yourself.

Address: TOC Ariake East Tower 8F, Ariake 3-5-7, Koto-ku, Tokyo

About the Showroom

An Overview of the Showroom

Specialized reps at the Ariake Showroom provide clear explanations about the equipment, as well as about such topics as more advanced operations and maintenance. When customers actually touch and operate the equipment, they can really see how reliable, safe and accurate it is.
As a key venue to provide the latest technologies and information, the Ariake Showroom will support you in the future medical care you will offer.

Seminar Space

There is a space for seminars in the showroom which can be used for purposes such as scientific and technical talks, and maintenance training sessions.

Equipment Displayed

Devices are installed in separate areas for the blood coagulation, biochemistry, diabetes and POCT fields.


The Coapresta® series maintains its high-speed processing capacity of up to 400 tests/hour, and also boasts a continuous rack loading system, automatic registration of reagent information, a CTS function (optional) that can improve high-precision sampling performance, as well as features such as a more powerful cross mixing test function. It is crammed with lots of attractive ways to make blood coagulation tests smarter.
Distributor: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd
Manufacturer: Shimadzu Corporation


This is fully automatic blood analyzer that supports the measurement principles of the blood coagulation time method (light scattering photometry), synthetic substrate method, and latex turbidimetry.
It is a more advanced device created in response to customer needs with features such as simple touch panel operations, simple data input via QR code*, a processing speed of up to 400 tests per hour (blood coagulation assays only), and screens linked to QC data.
Distributor: Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd

  • *QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.

This page has been prepared for medical staff (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, clinical laboratory technicians, nurses, etc.) in Japan to ensure the correct use of our products. Kindly be aware that it is not intended to provide information for overseas medical staff or the general public.