Constantly Challenging Ourselves "To Become a World Leading Medical Company"

President & CEO Hajime Kubo

Sekisui Medical provides the pharmaceutical sciences sector with a diverse range of products and services based on our corporate mission to "contribute to the realization of healthy and enriched lifestyles for all people."
Our company was established through the merging of the Medical Products Division of Sekisui Chemical with Daiichi Pure Chemicals in 2008, and has become the core company in Sekisui Chemical’s life sciences business. In addition to consolidating and expanding our key diagnostics and pharmaceutical sciences businesses here in Japan, we are accelerating our global business expansion in regions such as North America, Europe and Asia.
In recent years, social and consumer needs for medical care have been diversifying in line with the dramatic transformations of the global medical environment.
Accordingly, we will continue to embrace change and challenge new frontiers so that we can create unique, high-quality products and services that will leave our customers truly satisfied. I would like to ask for your further support and encouragement, while we continue to challenge ourselves to become a world leading medical company.

President Hajime Kubo