SEKISUI MEDICAL aspires to become the most outstanding global medical company in the world in medical fields, such as in vitro diagnostics.

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Research & Development

Tsukuba Research Institute

Combining our research expertise in the areas of enzymatic analysis, latex turbidometry, and polymer techniques, the Tsukuba Research Institute researches ways to create innovative diagnostic products for automated analyzers and POC* testing.
We create many clinically advantageous products ranging from sample collection to diagnosis and are developing in a range of medical fields; including biochemistry, coagulation, diabetes, infectious disease, and genetic analysis.
*: point of care

Iwate Research & Development Center

The Iwate R&D Center utilizes our amino acid and unique peptide synthesis techniques in order to meet customer's demands for Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). We support this work by introducing and developing new synthesis, production and analytical technologies.

Tokai Research & Development Center

The Tokai R&D Center is at the forefront of medical and pharmaceutical product developement. Availing of our immunizaton, genetic, and diagnostic techniques, we create and develop novel biomarker assays, and other related products, for clinical and non-clinical applications.

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