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New Graduates

Sales (Diagnostics)
Department:Assigned to West Japan Sales Office No.1
Major:Faculty of Environmental Science
Job Field Sales (Diagnostics)
Department Assigned to West Japan Sales Office No.1
Joined in 2017
Major Faculty of Environmental Science


2017 Assigned to West Japan Sales Office No.1

Daily schedule


Why you decided to join Sekisui Medical

During my job search, I looked for companies by focusing on sales positions in the medical industry. At first, I did not know much about clinical diagnostics, but as I researched, I became interested in the DMR position, which can contribute to disease prevention. I decided to join the company for two reasons: first, I felt that the company tried to understand my personality during the interview process, and second, I felt that the demeanor of the employees I met in the interview was very kind and suited me well. In fact, the senior staff at the sales office are all very friendly, and I like the atmosphere of the office.

Your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging

Sales work can be divided into two types: "new customer development sales" and "route sales," and I am engaged in the latter. I visit hospitals mainly in the Hokusetsu area of Osaka Prefecture to promote the company's products, ascertain customer needs, and follow up with existing customers. It is of course important to promote our products and get new customers to adopt them, but I feel that it is even more important to follow up with existing customers and respond to their inquiries. As a route salesperson, I believe that being trusted by customers will lead to the long-term use of the company's products and new adoptions. It takes time to build a relationship of trust with customers, but I find it rewarding to gradually become closer with them and increase the adoption of our products through my actions.

What you like about Sekisui Medical

There are two things I like about Sekisui Medical. The first is the excellent benefits package. The company offers generous paid time off, maternity and childcare leave, and shorter working hours during childcare so that employees can flexibly respond to life events and continue to work for a long time. In addition, I am able to take correspondence courses at a reduced cost through the company's subsidy system. I took the EXCEL course because I wanted to be more efficient in creating meeting materials and other documents. Second, the company has a high level of product development and launches new products every year. I have even had customers ask me, "What products are you going to release this year?" As a sales representative, I feel that our company's great strength lies in the fact that we launch a wide range of products. On the other hand, I believe that many potential employees have concerns about product knowledge because of this, but in addition to new employee training, there are regular study sessions and other follow-up programs for sales representatives, so I hope that those who are interested in becoming DMRs will not have to worry.

Something about your office you are proud of

I like the view from the sales office. In winter, the sun sets early, so you can see a beautiful night view.

How you spend your time off

I have a cute rabbit at home. Its fluffy fur and round shape heal me every day.