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Sales (Diagnostics)
Department: Assigned to Chubu Sales Office.
Major:Faculty of business administration
Job Field Sales (Diagnostics)
Department Assigned to Chubu Sales Office.
Joined in ~2019.7 Engaged in wholesale of diagnostic products 2019.8 Moved to Sekisui Medical. Assigned to Chubu Sales Office.
Major Faculty of business administratio


~2019.7  Engaged in wholesale of diagnostic products
2019.8  Moved to Sekisui Medical. Assigned to Chubu Sales Office.

Daily schedule


Why you decided to join Sekisui Medical

When changing jobs, I was looking for a company where I could make use of my previous experience in the diagnostics wholesale business. In addition, I wanted to propose products handled by the company as a manufacturer rather than a wholesaler, and I was attracted by the company's name recognition in the industry, the variety of products it handled, and the unique product lineup that took advantage of Sekisui Medical's strengths. I was also attracted by the personalities of their employees, who I met at my previous job, and decided to join the company.

Your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging

I am in charge of Gifu Prefecture in the Chubu region, covering a wide range of facilities from university hospitals to clinics. I visit each facility to provide information on our products, seminars, and equipment demonstrations. In addition to PR for clinical diagnostics, I find it interesting to be able to make a variety of other proposals , such as proposals for automatic analyzers and comprehensive proposals. Unexpected problems may occur in the course of our work, but the sense of accomplishment I feel when we solve them with customers and distributors is exhilarating. I am also happy to receive words of appreciation from customers when I contribute to the development of new test items or improve the operational efficiency of laboratories. I find it rewarding when I realize that my work is contributing to people's health.

Surprises upon joining the company

I was very anxious to become a sales representative for a diagnostic agent manufacturer, because it required even more specialized knowledge than my previous job. However, after joining the company, I didn't experience the difficulties I had imagined, thanks to study groups and generous follow-up support by members of other departments, such as the customer support center (academic, technical, and equipment groups). It is important to keep abreast of the industry and the company's products daily, so there are some hardships, but I find it very rewarding when a customer accepts my proposal. In addition, members of the sales office exchange information with each other about the products and customers' reactions daily, which leads to better proposals to customers. I also feel that the company is a very good place to work, as it offers a full range of benefits!

Something about your office you are proud of

The Chubu Sales Office is very close to Nagoya Castle, only a 5-minute drive away. It is also easily accessible from Nagoya Station, and there are many restaurants around the sales office, making it very convenient to go out to buy lunch or have a drink after work.

How you spend your time off

I like driving or touring on my days off, including in Gifu Prefecture, the area I am in charge of. There are many easy-to-drive roads in Gero City and Gujo City, and the peaceful scenery, including beautiful rivers and waterfalls, is very refreshing.