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Employee Interviews

Occupation Research and Development(Diagnostics) 
▶job description
Department Tsukuba Research Institute
Joined the company Joined 2016
University Department Faculty of Engineering


April, 2016 Assigned to Materials Development Group, Tsukuba Research Institute
April, 2018 Transferred to POCT Development Group, Tsukuba Research Institute

Daily schedule


Tell us why you decided to join SEKISUI MEDICAL.

During my time at the university, I studied multi-drug therapy for reducing the side effects of anti-cancer drugs. As a result, I initially wanted to be involved in the development of therapeutic agents, but as I participated in information sessions of companies in the field of diagnostics, I realized that the most important thing for maintaining and improving the QOL of patients is to prevent diseases and select the appropriate treatment for them. I became attracted to the development of diagnostic reagents that can realize this. The main reason I chose SEKISUI MEDICAL was that the employees I met at the information sessions were not only serious about their work but also interesting, and I could imagine myself working there happily in the future.

Tell us about your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging.

I am currently in charge of the development of new POCT products, which refers to tests that can show results right at the point of care with the patient, such as influenza tests performed in clinics. Due to the nature of such diseases, it is important that the tests should be easy and quick. For this reason, I think it is both difficult and interesting to develop a product that will not sell simply by pursuing test accuracy and sensitivity. The theme I am involved in, we are not only developing our own measurement reagents, but also developing new measurement devices and instruments in collaboration with other companies. There are many difficulties in developing measurement reagents that match the specifications of devices and instruments that are still under development. However, I am very happy when I can obtain better performance by combining the technologies of different companies, and I find it very rewarding as a developer. In recent years, we have also developed many products for overseas markets, and the fact that we have to communicate with many people overseas is one of the things I enjoy about developing POCT products.

What do you like about SEKISUI MEDICAL

What I like about SEKISUI MEDICAL, and I'm sorry to say this is outside of work, is that we have a lot of club activities. Many of the employees at the research institute like sports, and there are usually club activities for all the major sports. In addition to sports, a wide range of other interests, such as gardening club, chorus club, and club activities that just involve watching anime DVDs. (Of course, participation is free!) I myself, was a member of the table tennis club during my university time, as I used to play table tennis when I was a student. We rent a venue once a month for practice sessions, and several times a year, we hold a table tennis tournament in cooperation with Sekisui Chemical. Not only does this help balance my lack of exercise, it also helps me in my work by expanding my network of contacts. One of the appeals is that I get to see the frank side of my boss that I can't see at work. I think that one of the charms of SEKISUI MEDICAL is that there are many opportunities to interact with people outside of work.

What are the points you feel proud of your office?

A point I could be proud of the Ami Plant is the company cafeteria. The company cafeteria at the Ami Plant offers a special menu once every few months, and you can enjoy a sumptuous meal for free. The presentation of the food is so stylish that I can't help but take a picture of it every time.

How do you spend your days off?

My hobby is traveling, so I used to travel abroad every year before the Corona epidemic. Most recently, I went to France to see Mont Saint-Michel, but unfortunately the famous omelette wasn't that good so I can't recommend it :D