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Employee Interviews

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Research & Development
Department: Tsukuba Research Institutet
Major:Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering
Job Field Research & Development
Department Tsukuba Research Institutet
Joined 2019
Major Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering


April, 2012 Engaged in the development of control software for precision
December,2022 Moved to Sekisui Medical. Assigned to the Coagulation System Group, Instrument System Development Center.

Daily schedule


Why you decided to join Sekisui Medical

I wanted to take on the challenge of developing equipment in a new field, making use of the knowledge I had gained in my previous job. At the interview, I was told the company is working to strengthen the equipment development process, and that they would like me to contribute with my experience. Asking questions during the interview, I was attracted by its strong management foundation as a member of the Sekisui Chemical Group, its culture of valuing employees, and its environment that facilitates taking on new challenges in research and development.

Your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging

My group develops automated blood coagulation analyzers used in clinical diagnostics, and I am engaged in research, verification, and development to improve the performance of the analyzers daily. Specifically, I am in charge of the embedded software in the analyzers, and I work on developing specifications that consider usability, and implementing scalable features. Since my job is to create new products, I must flexibly come up with features that match the customer's needs. Sometimes I get stuck, but it is rewarding when I visit a facility and see a customer using a feature I worked hard on the specifications for.

Future goals and career plans

My goal is to create new value for automated blood coagulation analyzers. We are constantly researching to improve the software's usability, and to improve the functionality of the analyzers by utilizing data and knowledge outside of the medical field. By adding new functions that are not bound by existing frameworks, we believe we can improve the quality of medical care by enabling new methods of disease identification and shortening examination time. We also utilize our knowledge of software development to create useful tools that improve productivity. In the future, I would like to utilize my knowledge of IT from my previous job in expanding existing tools and introducing new tools for data management and operational efficiency.

Something about your office you are proud of

I am proud of our beautifully manicured lawn. During lunch break, people play futsal, catch a ball, and various other physical activities. I work up a sweat practicing my golf approach shots.

How you spend your time off

I take my 2 year old son out to play. He loves cars and trains and is delighted to see the real thing up close.