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Occupation General clerical work ▶job description
Department Legal Affairs Department
Joined the company Joined 2019
University Department International Education Institute Faculty of Law Department of Law


April, 2019 Assigned to the Legal Affairs Department

Daily schedule


Tell us why you decided to join SEKISUI MEDICAL.

I grew up in the US and returned to Japan for university. I studied international law and politics at university. When I was looking for a job, I was looking for a company that would allow me to contribute to human health and utilize the knowledge and experience I have acquired to be active on a global scale. In this context, I learned that Sekisui Medical is a leading company in clinical diagnostic reagents which contribute to the preventive diagnosis and early treatment of diseases. I was also attracted to the fact that the company was actively expanding globally, so I decided to apply. In addition, through interviewing, I felt that the company places importance on personality and character, and I could tell that it is a company that values people. This made me think that this was a company that suited me and guided my decision to work here.

Tell us about your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging.

Currently, I am in charge of drafting and reviewing contracts in the Legal Department. I conduct detailed interviews with the employees of the department in charge about the details of the transaction, and check whether the contents of the contract deviate from the actual agreement and whether our company's legal risks have been minimized. Sometimes, contract negotiations with business partners are difficult, and it may take several months before a contract is signed. However, when a new product related to the project I was in charge of is actually launched on the market, or when we are able to avoid trouble thanks to the risk hedging of the contract development process, I feel that I am supporting the company's business and it is very rewarding. I also find it very rewarding when I receive legal advice or work requests from employees in other departments. I would like to continue to acquire legal knowledge in various fields so that I can be of help to more employees.

What do you like about SEKISUI MEDICAL

What I like about SEKISUI MEDICAL is the "corporate culture that encourages challenges" and also the "warm personalities of employees". I found it unique about SEKISUI MEDICAL after joining the company that even if you have no experience, you can be entrusted with important tasks based on your motivation and ability. In fact, my supervisor once entrusted me with a job, saying, "We will support you if you need anything, so just try it first." When I went on a business trip to an affiliated company in the U.S., I found an issue relating to a contract with the company and asked my supervisor if I could take charge of correcting the problem. He gladly supported me. This experience gave me confidence, and now I am more willing to take on challenges without fear of making mistakes. In addition, there are many employees working in our company with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Since many of our employees have warm personalities, a culture of respect for individuality has taken root, making it easier for people to express their opinions.

What are the points you feel proud of your office?

Although we haven't been able to get together recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many club activities at the head office, including the tennis club. You can interact with people from different departments and positions, and learn about aspects of your colleagues that you don't see during work.

How do you spend your day off?

Because of the nature of my desk work, I tend to lack exercise, so I try to be active though running and hiking.