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  • Although we hire by job category, based on business needs, all new graduate employee will be in regular full-time position with the prospect of trasnfers within the company.
    However, there are no rules to transfers after a certain number of years of services. Personnel transfers are made when the company deems it necessary, taking into account the overall situation of the business, the post, and the aptitude of the individual. In addition, there is an annual "career interview" system where you can declare your wishes for your future career. In addition, there are opportunities to discuss your goals and performance with your supervisor several times a year in line with our "management by objectives" work cycle, so you can express your wishes for transfer then too.

  • Yes, we have initiatives to promote ease of work.
    In addition to the maternity leave system stipulated in the Labor Standards Law, there is a system that allows employees to shorten their working hours or take leave during pregnancy or after childbirth, as well as a consultation service for sexual harassment. While availing of such systems, we are proud that female employees are playing an active role across the organization and in many important positions.

  • In FY 2022, the percentage of men taking childcare leave was 31%, which is higher than the national average. All women take childcare leave, which is the same as the national average.

  • Many of our employees could be described as "diligent" and "dependable" and communication within the company is smooth. At the same time, through as part of Sekisui Chemical Group, we are working with an emphasis on results and speed in business.

  • We have many employees who come from backgrounds other than pharmacology.
    Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds, including science, engineering, agriculture, and medicine.

  • There is no need to get ahead of yourself about what will happen after you join the company.
    The preparation necessary perform your work is catered for by an array on onboarding training starting with pre-start correspondence courses and followed by post-employment training. While still a student, we hope you focus on your academic studies.

  • Yes, there are many female employees in front line positions.

  • Through the selection process, we confirm your wishes and skillset, and the decision will be made officially around February or March, taking into account the personnel in each department.

  • Please find answers below by business segment.

    Our strength lies not only in our technological capability to produce high-performance products, but also in our ability to provide comprehensive support, as we have a full range of solutions including blood collection tubes, clinical diagnostic reagents, and instruments. In addition, we have established a customer support center that provides expert technical backup to our sales representatives, contributing as part of an extensive support system for our valued customers.

    ・Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals
    We have a history of more than 50 years of producing amino acids for pharmaceutical use by utilizing asymmetric synthesis technology, and our strength lies in our accumulated know-how and technology. In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has reached a major turning point, shifting from small molecule drugs to biopharmaceuticals, and we are working on the mass synthesis of peptide drugs using the STag method, a next-generation peptide synthesis method developed in-house.

    ・Drug Development Solutions
    Our business originally started with the contract synthesis of radioisotope (RI) labelled compound, and we have a long history and experience in the handling of RIs. We have one of the largest RI handling facilities in Japan operated by a private company. Recently, we have been contributing to the innovation of drug development by participating in a national project for microdose clinical trials, which is attracting attention as a new drug development process.

  • What we are looking for in new employees is the ability to learn, think, and act proactively on their own.
    Specifically, we are looking for people who can identify issues (gap between where we are now versus where we should be and what is required of us to get there) and actually take action to solve them. We are a company that gives opportunities to those who raise their hands on their own, so if you have a strong desire to constantly improve and grow yourself, we would love to have you join us.

  • There are some changes from year to year, but the general outline is as follows

    December before joining the company - Attend correspondence courses (to relieve anxiety about joining the company, basic knowledge as a member of society, etc.)

    ◆Onboarding Schedule

    Day 1 SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group Entrance Ceremony
    Day 2 SEKISUI MEDICAL Entrance Ceremony
    Day 3-7 New employee training (common to all positions)
    Day 8 Training begins at assigned location

    ※Except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
    ※For sales staff (diagnostic business) there is a 2-month DMR training.
    3-month follow-up interview, 6-month follow-up training.