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Recruitment Guidelines for New Graduates

Thought about our new graduate recruitment

At SEKISUI MEDICAL, we want to take the time to get to know your feelings about your future job. Rather than hiring generalists we recruit to specific positions, so you can start in a role that fits you. This fits candidates who feel they want to: "make the most of their education", "take on new challenges", and "work for the benefit of others". Please refer to "My Page" for information on job openings before the recruitment starts. We also offer the contents that help to understand about jobs at SEKISUI MEDICAL. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Selection Process

Recruitment Guidelines for New Graduates

Applicants Technical college
University Bachelor Degree (4-year and 6-year programs)
Master's Degree
Doctoral Research Degree (PhD)
※Recruitment requirements such as arts, science, major, and academic background vary depending on the position.
Benefits and Conditions Starting salary
・Technical College: 214,520yen per month
・Four-year University Degree, Technical College (advanced course): 241,860yen per month
・Master's Degree, six-year university degree: 252,910yen per month
・PhD Degree: 291,740yen per month
 ※The starting salary includes the above basic salary plus various benefit and allowances.
Benefits Housing
・Single person dormitory
 ※For those who are single and live alone, the dormitory is available for five years from the time of joining the company.
 ※The company will pay a part of the rent in the form of rented company housing.
 ※The amount of subsidy varies depending on the region. (The amount of subsidy differs depending on the region (36,000~ 55,000 yen)
 ※For example, in Tokyo and Kanagawa, the company will subsidize up to 55,000 yen per month for rent.
 ※You can freely choose your dormitory housing
・If you do not meet the applicable conditions for the dormitory system, the following system may apply to you.
Company housing subsidy, housing allowance
・Transportation to and from work (full amount/six months' commuting allowance paid twice a year)
 ※Transportation to and from work (full amount/six months' commuting allowance paid twice a year)
If you work at the head office, you will receive compensation corresponding to the number of days you work each month payable the following month.
・Lunch subsidy (10,000yen; for those working in offices without a company cafeteria)
 ※If you work at the head office, you will receive compensation corresponding to the number of days you are in office each month the following month.
・Sales allowance (29,000yen; for outside sales staff)
・Dependent allowance (spouse 32,500yen, child 16,800yen)
・Overtime allowance (early overtime, late night overtime, holiday work bonus, etc.)
 ※If not otherwise stated, figures relate to a monthly amount.
Salary increase Once a year (April)
Holidays / Paid Leave ・5 day work week as standard. (full two days off) *Shift work in operation in some facilities
・Annual holidays: 129 days (FY2023) , Summer holidays (free distribution system for use between June and October)
・Year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 29-Jan. 4), Labor holiday (May 1), Multi-purpose holiday (May 2)
・Paid vacations (10 days in the first year), special vacations, etc.
・Other vacations. - Maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave, hourly leave, etc.
Working hours ・Head office (Tokyo) / Sales offices (nationwide): 9:00-17:30 (45min lunch break)
・Plants and laboratories (Tsukuba, Iwate) 8:30-17:15 (60min lunch break)
・Drug Development Solutions Center (Tokai) 8:45 to 17:30 (60min lunch break)
Training system ・Career level based training (training for new employees, etc.), remote learning system including in-house English conversation training. There are more than 300 courses available, and 80% of the course fees are subsidized if the course is completed successfully.
Welfare ・Dormitory/company housing system, financial award for acquisition of qualifications, membership in welfare club, subsidy system for medical checkup, congratulation money for marriage, congratulation money for childbirth,condolence for bereavements, Sekisui Chemical Group training courses, use of Sekisui Chemical affiliated resort facilities, Sekisui Chemical Group employee stock ownership plan, etc.
Others ・Remote work/flex system available