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Thought about our internship

At Sekisui Medical, we believe that it is not enough to provide information on industries and companies in the form of a lecture. We aim to provide a wide variety of content that will allow you to understand the practicalities of work in Sekisui Medical. Through our internship, we will do our best to help you clarify your "career design", even before joining the company.


A program to think about the "meaning of work" in the field of life science

How to apply Apply via "My Page".
Estimated number of participants 25
Selection Process Candidates selected based on document/video submissions
Program We aim to provide a program in which we think together with participants about the significance of the Sekisui Medical's mission to "contribute to the realization of healthy and enriched lifestyles for all people."
It is not just a seminar to learn about the value of the Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics industries in society. The purpose is for everyone to think about the "meaning of work" in this area of life sciences. By participating in this intership, you will be able to design your own career, and we will support you to take the first step toward finding your ideal job.


Program to deepen understanding of SEKISUI MEDICAL's corporate culture and work

How to apply Apply via "My Page"
Estimated number of participants 20 people per day *To be held from September to November, approximately twice a month
Selection Process No screening *Accepted by order of application
Program This is a program that not only let you know the corporate existence value of SEKISUI MEDICAL, but also allows you to experience a part of SEKISUI MEDICAL's work. Feel firsthand the corporate culture of SEKISUI MEDICAL.


This program will allow you to learn about the specific work contents and working environment by job category.

How to apply Please refer to "My Page" for information on how to apply.
Estimated No. of Participants ※20 people *To be held from December to January, approximately twice a month.
Selection Process No screening ※Participation in the AUTUMN INTERNSHIP is required.
Program A strength of SEKISUI MEDICAL is that we have a supply chain that extends from manufacturing to sales.
In this event, in order to understand the various jobs and work content at SEKISUI MEDICAL, we will hold round-table discussions with actual employees, so that you can hear directly about the type of jobs you are interested in and their opinions of thier role and the work environment.

We will be in charge of the intership.

Our goal is to provide an internship that will truly satisfy you and make you want to see us again.

Hello. This is a message from the recruitment team at SEKISUI MEDICAL. There are two notable features of our internship program we would like to highlight. The first aspect is for jobhunters with a vague interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Speaking to past participants, many say they participated in the internship just to gather information. Our core business, clinical diagnostic reagents, is different from more widely familiar therapeutic drugs, so it may be difficult to have a clear image of our products. By participating in this internship, you will be able to deepen your understanding of our business and industry. The second is the many comments we receive in post-internship questionnaires, such as: "I learned the importance of diagnostics in the process of treatment because identifying the cause of disease is the first critical step to selecting the right remedy" and "I understood the corporate culture through communication with employees and tentative hires." When we receive comments like these, we are truly glad that to have held the internship. We plan to continue to provide programs that aid students in imagining what it is like to work at our company.