SEKISUI MEDICAL aspires to become the most outstanding global medical company in the world in medical fields, such as in vitro diagnostics.

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Corporate History

1947 Foundation of Daiichi Pure Chemical Co., Ltd.
Start-up of domestic production of in vitro diagnostic reagents
1955 Establishment of the first commercial radioisotope laboratory
1958 Start-up of manufacturing and research on radiopharmaceuticals
Start-up of manufacturing and sale of amino acids
1963 Release of the first domestic radiopharmaceuticals
1965 Completion of the ADME & Tox. Research Institute
1968 Start-up of laboratory contract business for safety research
1978 Completion of the Iwate Plant
1990 Completion of the Tsukuba Plant
1996 Establishment of the Tsukuba Research Institute
2001 Establishment of a representative office in the United States
ISO 14001 certification (Iwate Plant)
2003 ISO 9001 certification (Tsukuba Plant)
2005 ISO13485 certification (Tsukuba Plant)
2006 The company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. after Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. transferred all the company stocks.
Establishment of a diagnostic reagent sales subsidiary in the city of Shanghai, China
2008 Establishment of SEKISUI MEDICAL Co., Ltd.
(The company name was changed to SEKISUI MEDICAL Co., Ltd. after management integration with the Medical Products Division of Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.)
Expansion of the ADME & Tox. Research Business into the overseas market
(Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. acquired 100% of the shares of XenoTech, LLC in the U.S. State of Kansas.)
2009 Expansion of the diagnostic reagents business will be strongly promoted in North America mainly
(Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. acquired 100% of the shares of American Diagnostica Inc. in the U.S. State of Connecticut.)
2010 Establishment of Sekisui Medical Technology (China) through the merger of Beijing Sekisui Trank Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Sekisui Chemical’s subsidiary company) and Shanghai Daiichi Diagnostics Co., Ltd (Sekisui Medical’s subsidiary company).
2011 Establishment of new diagnostics companies (in USA and UK) through the acquisition of the diagnostic reagent division of Genzyme Corporation (Massachusetts,USA) by Sekisui Chemical Co.,Ltd.
2012 Merger of two Companies in North America (American Diagnostica, Inc. (Connecticut), which Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. acquired in 2009, and Sekisui Diagnostics, LLC(Massachusetts), acquired in 2011, have been merged.)
Establishment of Supply Chain Management Center, Tsukuba Plant
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