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Employee Interviews

Occupation Sales(Diagnostics) ▶job description
Department Sales Diagnostics Division
Joined the company Joined 2016
University Department Faculty of Science and Engineering


April, 2016 Assigned to West Japan Sales Office No. 1
April, 2019 Transferred to MDS Section, West Japan Sales Office
April, 2020 Transferred to West Japan Sales Office No. 2

Daily schedule


Tell us why you decided to join SEKISUI MEDICAL.

I went to a university where I could obtain a certification as a clinical laboratory technician, and during the lectures and practical training for the certification, I learned firsthand about the hardships faced by laboratory technicians who perform tests every day. As a result of this experience, I decided that I wanted to work not as a laboratory technician, but as a manufacturer who sells laboratory drugs and equipment to reduce the workload of laboratory technicians. During my job-hunting activities, I met several manufacturers of laboratory reagents. The reason why I decided to join the company was because I liked the warm atmosphere of the employees that I felt during the company information session and interviews, and the careful work that I glimpsed in the way they handled students and set up the venue.

Tell us about your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging.

Currently, I am in charge of hospitals and clinics in Kyoto City. On a daily basis, I visit customers to collect information and make proposals regarding laboratory reagents. Many people think of sales as a job that involves aggressively selling the company's products. However, in reality, I think my job is to build a relationship of trust with customers by listening to their problems in casual conversations and proposing solutions. Nowadays, many companies are selling good products, and it is becoming more and more difficult to get new customers to adopt our products based on their features alone. This is why it is important to have a relationship of trust between sales staff and customers. In fact, I feel that I have had many experiences where my daily efforts have been evaluated and our products have been selected. Of course, there are many times when things don't go well, but this experience of being evaluated motivates me to keep working positively.

Gaps you felt after joining the company.

There were two gaps that I felt when I joined the company. The first is that before I joined the company, I thought that I would be visiting mainly laboratory technologists because our business is the sale of laboratory drugs and instrument. It is true that my main job is to provide information to laboratory technicians. However, I found that the range of customers was much wider than I had imagined, including product introductions to doctors, instrument leasing proposals to office staff, and blood collection workshops for nurses. Therefore, in order to have our clinical reagents adopted, we need to take various approaches for each customer, considering the situation of the facility in charge and the features of the product. It can be difficult, but on the other hand, it can also be very rewarding. The second thing is my impression of the laboratory technicians. Before I joined the company, I had the impression that most of them were very strict and talked only about their work. However, in reality, many of them are friendly, and I felt that the distance between sales representatives and customers is close.

What are the points you feel proud of your office?

The nearest station is Shin-Osaka station, so commuting is easy. There are many restaurants nearby, so I don't think it will be a problem to have lunch.

How do you spend your day off?

My daily routine is to go to a nearby park with my 2-year-old daughter. Slides are her favorites. She only used to be able to slide small slides becaouse she was scared, but now she can easily slide large ones, making me feel her growth.