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Occupation v(Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals) ▶job description
Department Head Office, Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals Sales Office
Joined the company Joined 2014
University Department Graduate School of Life Sciences


April, 2014 Assigned to Production Technology Group, Iwate R&D Center *Now Production Technology Section, Iwate Factory
April, 2021 Transferred to Head Office, Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals Sales Office

Daily schedule


Tell us why you decided to join SEKISUI MEDICAL.

I studied organic chemistry in graduate school, and after completing my studies, I wanted to work in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and use my experience to help deliver better medicines to patients suffering from illness. I was interested in Sekisui Medical's Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals business. Within the business, they have scale-up and industrialization technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturing, and decided to apply because I thought I could make use of my knowledge of organic synthesis. Also, during the recruitment interview, the interviewer carefully answered my questions about the contents of my work and cleared up any unclear points, which was a strong factor in my decision to join the company.

Tell us about your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging.

For seven years after joining the company, I was involved in the industrialization of pharmaceuticals at the Iwate Plant, where I deepened my manufacturing know-how and understanding of regulations. After that, I was transferred to the Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals Sales Office, where I play the role of a bridge between our customers and our business. In my current department, I conduct negotiations based not only on my knowledge of the industry and our products, but also on my deep understanding of the pharmaceutical business as a whole. I feel that this is a very difficult but interesting job because it requires me to make appropriate decisions at all times. When I was first transferred to the new position, I felt uneasy because I had no experience as a salesperson at all. However, the fact that many of our customers come from research and development positions at pharmaceutical companies was an advantage for me. We often have technical discussions with such customers. In such cases, I am able to discuss with them on an equal footing based on my past experience in organic chemistry and industrialization technology. In this way, I am now able to work with great satisfaction by fully utilizing my own strengths.

What do you like about SEKISUI MEDICAL

For me I think it is the fact that the company gives responsibility and discretion to employees while also nurturing them. This is my first year in the sales department, and I was immediately put in charge of important customers and entrusted with various decision-making tasks. The overall atmosphere is fridenly and it is easy to consult with others, and my superiors are always willing to back me up in case of difficulties or problems. As a result, I am able to proceed with my work with my feet on the ground, even when I am under pressure. In addition, when I was transferred to a new position, various considerations were made, such as the assignment of responsibilities, so that I could make a smooth transition to the new job based on my past career. In this way, I feel that the company has established a system that leads to individual growth by creating an environment where employees can make the most of their skills and experience. Rather than learning by copying others and painting by numbers, I feel that I am more suited to learning practically by working on actual projects to learn freelythrough trial and error, and I think this is a good match with our company's culture.

What are the points you feel proud of your office?

During lunch break, we can use the cafeteria space to chat and eat. Also, since our head office is located in Nihonbashi, there are many restaurants in the area, so you can enjoy a variety of lunches both inside and takeout.

How do you spend your day off?

I like to minimize my train travel and go out to various places on foot and eat delicious food. I once walked 1,000,000 steps (about 750km) in one month, using my vacation time as well.