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Employee Interviews

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Plant Technology (Diagnostics)
Department: Tokuyama Plant
Major:Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Job Field Plant Technology(Diagnostics)  read more
Department Tokuyama Plant
Joined in 2021
Major Graduate School of Frontier Sciences


2021.4 Assigned to the Medical Manufacturing Department of Tokuyama Sekisui Co., Ltd.
2023.4 Medical business of Tokuyama Sekisui Co., Ltd. acquired by Sekisui Medical. Assigned to the Technology Department of Tokuyama Plant.

Daily schedule


Why you decided to join Sekisui Medical

In March, just as the coronavirus was beginning to spread in Japan, many information sessions with companies were canceled, and I remember being anxious about interviews via Zoom, which I was not accustomed to. Under such circumstances, I was attracted by the easygoing atmosphere of the senior staff and supervisors I met at roundtable discussions and interviews and decided to join the company. Although the company has changed to Sekisui Medical, the atmosphere in the workplace is nice, and I feel I can easily have discussions and ask questions to anyone, regardless of whether they are in or outside the department.

Your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging

I work at the Tokuyama Plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture and am involved in production technology related to columns for diabetes diagnosis. The column is the heart of the diabetes diagnostic device. Currently, to establish a technology to stably produce fillers for these columns, we are making daily evaluations while changing various conditions. The scale of the work is completely different from that of university research, but I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I obtain the desired results through a process of trial and error. Since my workplace is a factory, I exchange opinions with many people working on the manufacturing floor, supporting them and conducting evaluations to improve their working efficiency. In addition to this, I am sometimes in charge of projects related to changes in raw materials or specifications. I work not only with my department but also in cooperation with people from various departments, from production to shipping.

Things you were glad you did while you were a student

A part-time job at an amusement park. I did not perform or wear character costumes, but rather assisted in operating attractions and performed safety checks. Amusement parks are visited by people of all ages, from small children to adults. When I first started working, I was not very good at communicating with people, but I feel that my experience in explaining attractions and guiding people around the park has greatly improved my communication skills. Now that I am a working adult, I have more opportunities to talk with people of various ages, unlike before when I was a student, and I believe that I can communicate with them without any difficulty because of my experience at the amusement park. I have also become more safety-conscious in my every action, as forgetting to lower the safety bar can lead to a serious accident.

Something about your office you are proud of

The Tokuyama Plant is located in the Shunan Industrial Complex, so you can see a beautiful night view of the plant when you leave work. I wasn't able to take a good picture, so please look it up by searching "Shunan City Night View".

How you spend your time off

I spend most of my time relaxing at home, but occasionally I go out of the prefecture or to a scenic spot to shop or take a walk to refresh myself. The nearby beaches are less crowded and allow me to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere.