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Plant Technology (Diagnostics)
Department: Tsukuba Plant
Major:Certificate in Pharmacy Technician
Job Field Plant Technology (Diagnostics)   read more
Department Tsukuba Plant
Joined in 2020
Major Certificate in Pharmacy Technician


~2019.12 Engaged in dispensing pharmacy services at overseas dispensing pharmacies
2020.02~ Joined Sekisui Medical. Assigned to the Quality Control Department of Tsukuba Plant

Daily schedule


Why you decided to join Sekisui Medical

In my previous job, I worked as a medical professional in the position of "using" medications, but as my knowledge and experience increased, I began to think that I would like to work in the position of "creating" them, and I started my job search with an eye towards returning to Japan, where there are many competitive pharmaceutical and medical companies. I was approached by Sekisui Medical as they were looking for someone who could speak English and Japanese and who had knowledge of pharmaceuticals. Although I had never worked in Japan as a new graduate and my background was relatively unique, I felt the company's flexibility and openness toward diversity from their interest in listening to me without just judging by my educational background, and that made me decide to join the company.

Your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging

I am currently working in the Quality Control Department, focusing on quality inspections of raw materials, intermediates, and end products of clinical diagnostic reagents. There are a number of inspections before a product is finished. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I carefully interpret the data from each process, clear all product inspections, and see to it that the products are finally shipped. Throughout the year, we also work on process improvement, aiming for an efficient and hygienic work environment and more accurate product inspections. I am also responsible for interpreting between Japanese and English at technical meetings with overseas suppliers, and for technical support and exchanges with overseas group companies. Although interpreting for meetings about products other than my own requires preparation, I am able to gain a wide range of product knowledge, which is a unique advantage of my position. I have many opportunities to propose my own discussion topics, and I feel that I can make use of my experience working overseas to negotiate directly./p>

Future goals and career plans

As the overseas expansion of our products continues, I've been involved in the transfer of technology to overseas offices, and am now interested in technical support connecting the Tsukuba Plant and overseas offices. Materials and concepts that are taken for granted in Japan often differ from those in other countries. I would like to utilize my technical knowledge of diagnostics and my ability to communicate in both English and Japanese to solve problems and difficulties that are unique to each country. I also feel that to solve issues, it is necessary to understand the development of products from a broad perspective, including trends in overseas markets and pharmaceutical regulations. My goal is to acquire knowledge from a variety of work experiences so that I can see things from multiple perspectives, and then make a technical contribution as a bridge between our company and our overseas partners.

Something about your office you are proud of

Delicious daily lunches are available for 200 yen. The reasonable price saves me from preparing my lunch every day.

How you spend your time off

On my days off, I often relax and play games at home. I sometimes go to goods sales or collaboration cafes of games I like, and display the items I buy in my room.