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Research and Development

Occupatio Development (Drug Development Solutions) ▶job description
Department Assigned to Contract Research Laboratory, Drug Development Support Center
Joined the company Joined 2019
University Department Faculty of Engineering


April, 2019 Assigned to Contract Research Laboratory, Drug Development Support Center

Daily schedule


Tell us why you decided to join SEKISUI MEDICAL.

Since I was a student, I have been interested in research and development of products that support people's health. Therefore, when I was looking for a job, my goal was to find a job at a pharmaceutical company or a company that deals with health foods.
The reason why I chose to work at SEKISUI MEDICAL's Drug Discovery Support Center was because, unlike research and development at a general company where I would be engaged in the development of a specific product, I would be able to contribute to the development of products in a wider range of fields by handling compounds from various companies.
As a result, I thought I would have many opportunities to contribute to people's health. Another reason I decided to join the company was that the Drug Discovery Support Center has the advantage of being one of the largest RI handling facilities in Japan, and it is an environment where we can conduct more multifaceted tests and respond to requests from many companies.

Tell us about your current job and what makes it interesting and challenging.

Currently, I am in charge of in vitro drug interaction studies. I am commissioned by various clients to conduct these studies. For example, we receive requests from companies that are strong in specific fields of OTC drugs, companies that are strong in the field of intractable diseases, and manufacturers that have overseas bases. Responding to requests from various fields was exactly in line with my reason for joining the company: I want to have the opportunity to support the health of as many people as possible. I find it very appealing to be able to contribute to people's health from multiple perspectives while working for a single company. When we report data to our clients, we are sometimes asked to discuss the results at the same time. When I provide them with the results of my research in the literature, they sometimes thank me for not only conducting the study, but also for responding so carefully. When I hear such words, I realize that the data we report is helping our clients, and I feel glad that I worked so hard.

What are your future goals and career plans?.

At present, my main duties are to conduct tests and prepare reports on the results, and I play the role of a so-called "test implementer. Since this year, I have also been entrusted with the occasional communication with the client. This role of communicating with the client is called SD (Study Director). At my company, the general framework is that the SD and several study administrators work as a team to carry out the study. My current goal is to become an SD. One of the reasons for this is to eliminate the tendency toward individualization at my institution. I would like to contribute to the organization by acquiring a wide range of techniques and knowledge and by becoming a person who can provide data that meets the demands of a wide range of customers. In addition, I would like to improve my business English skills by utilizing our in-house correspondence courses, as we also receive requests from overseas customers.

What are the points you feel proud of your office

I think one of the best things about the Drug Discovery Support Center is the close proximity between senior veterans and younger employees, and an environment where it is easy to express opinions. Since there is no sense of age barriers, I can actively participate in discussions. Furthermore, I feel that I am entrusted with responsible work even when I am young. The photo shows a meeting led by young people to improve operations

How do you spend your day off?

The Drug Discovery Support Center, located in Tokai-mura, is blessed with nature, being close to both mountains and the sea. Thanks to this, after joining the company, I started to take up photography and driving as my hobbies. Sometimes my colleagues and juniors join me, and we have a nice holiday!