Board Members

Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members

President and CEO Eiichi Takahashi
Board Director Shigeru Koizumi
Board Director Tsutomu Negama
Board Director Robert Schruender
Board Director Masataka Kasai
Audit & Supervisory Board Tomoo Hamasaki
Audit & Supervisory Board Atsushi Hosoya
Audit & Supervisory Board Tetsuo Kaneko

Executive Officers

President & Executive Officer Eiichi Takahashi  
Executive Officer Shigeru Koizumi In charge of Diagnostics Division and International Diagnostics Division and Pharmaceutical Sciences Division
Executive Officer Tsutomu Negama In charge of Production Management Unit and Research & Development
Executive Officer Tatsuya Kojima Division Director, International Diagnostics Division
Executive Officer Makoto Takahara Executive Director, Research & Development
Executive Officer Mamoru Takemura Chief Executive Officer of VEREDUS LABORATORIES PTE. LTD.
Executive Officer Ichiro Kido Executive Director, Corporate Unit
Executive Officer Takashi Yamaki Executive Director, Human Resources Unit
Executive Officer Kazuhiko Shimada Executive Director, Production Management Unit
Executive Officer Toru Yamakita Division Director, Diagnostics Division