Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. website, https://www.sekisuimedical.jp/ (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"), is managed and operated by Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. Please read the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms") before using the Website, and use the Website only if you agree with the Terms. Once you have begun to use the Website, you shall be deemed to have agreed with the Terms.
The contents of the Website, such as information, documents, images, sound, trademarks and designs, as well as information transmitted and distributed by means of e-mail or other methods, are the property of Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Company"), and of the business partners of the Company, and are protected by Copyright Law, Industrial Property Law, and other applicable laws. Therefore, secondary use of the said contents and information (such as reproduction, transfer, reuse, republication, and sale) without the prior permission of the Company is prohibited. In addition, it is not permitted to change, modify, revise or amend the contents of the Website in any way. The Company may, at its own discretion, suspend or halt the functions of the Website. The Company shall bear no responsibility for any outcome that may result at that time. The Terms are governed by the laws of Japan. The Company may revise the Terms without giving prior notice, so please check for any updates to the contents.


The Company makes every effort to ensure that the contents of the Website are accurate and up-to-date, however the Company does not guarantee, or bear any responsibility for, the validity and accuracy of the contents. The Company may alter, correct or enhance the contents or URLs of the Website without prior notice to users. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Damage to Computer Equipment

The Company shall bear no responsibility for any damage to a user's computer equipment, or any virus infection, caused by the user accessing, using or browsing the Website, or by the downloading of text, images, pictures, or sound.

Scope of the Product Information

The Company provides product information on the assumption that it will be utilized in Japan. Information about ethical pharmaceuticals published on the Website is not intended to promote or advertise products or their efficacy or effectiveness.

Medical Treatment

The Website is not intended to offer advice or services that doctors and other medical personnel should provide. It is basically designed to make information available about the Company's businesses. Please note that the information on the Website does not serve as a substitute for advice from doctors and other medical personnel.

Use of the symbol '®'

Use of the symbol '®' in connection with any trademarks on the Website shows that such a trademark is a registered mark in Japan authorized by Japanese law. Such trademarks may or may not also be registered in other countries.

Communications by E-Mail and Other Such Means

The Company is bound by no obligation to reply to communications it has received via the Website (by means of e-mail, web forms, or the like). The Company cannot offer confidential treatment of information and documents provided to it by means of e-mail or the like. You are asked to kindly refrain from sending confidential information to the Company. The Company can make free use of information and documents provided to it for any purpose it wishes, including reproduction or announcements. Moreover, the Company can make free use of ideas, concepts and know-how etc. contained in information and materials provided to it for any purpose it wishes, including product development, manufacturing, sales, etc.

Violation of the Terms

If a user violates the Terms, the Company may take measures to prevent their future use of the Website. In such cases, the Company will delete the personal information obtained from the said user. The Company shall bear no responsibility for any inconvenience or loss to said user that may arise from such measures. Moreover, if the Company is damaged by a user's violation of the Terms, it may demand appropriate compensation.

To Medical Specialists and Personnel

The information about products displayed on the information pages for medical specialists and personnel is intended to complement other information provided by the Company. Please contact the Company through a medical representative (MR) for more detailed information or explanations about the Company's products.

URL Display

Kindly use one of the below when you insert the URL of the Website in web contents, published materials, printed materials, documents, or the like.


Links, Etc.

For the convenience of users, the Company may establish links to third-party websites on the Website. When accessing these linked websites, please note that they are completely independent from the Website, and the Company has no jurisdiction over, or responsibility for, their contents, etc. The Company has no responsibility to provide compensation for any damage incurred from the use of such third-party websites. Kindly inform the Company if you write about the Website in publications such as magazines, books and advertisements, or in media such as mail magazines, or if you include links to the Website. Please use the inquiry form to contact the Company.

How to Set Links to the Website

Please set links to the Website as shown below.

1.When displaying the company name in the link:
Please use Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.
2.When using a Company banner
Please use the banner specified by the Company. No other banner may be used.
Please use the inquiry form to contact the Company if you wish to use a different sized banner.
  • Notes
    • Please do not process or modify the banner, or make any changes to its layout or aspect ratio.
    • Kindly ensure that elements that do not belong to the Company, such as emblems, designs and symbols, will not be perceived as an integral part of the Company's banner.
    • Please be aware that the Company may alter the banner without giving prior notice.
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Quoting or Appropriating Content from the Website

The content of the Website (information, documents, images, sound, trademarks, designs, etc.) shall not be used by anyone other than the Company or appropriated for commercial or non-commercial purposes or intranet use. However, it may be used for a legitimate purpose such as a news report. In such cases, kindly notify the Company before citing the Website. Please include a written acknowledgment of the source you are citing.