Compliance & Assurance

All Sekisui Medical Group companies located in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia share a common commitment to our Quality Culture Statement and employees at every level of the company are actively involved in enhancing the quality culture.

Initiatives to Foster a Healthy Global Quality Culture

We are constantly emphasizing quality and have developed a program specifically to ensure that our quality culture is being reinforced. Additionally, we have launched this program globally. We are quite aware of the relationship between a robust quality culture and the influence it has on the quality of products and services provided.

Quality Culture Statement

We are dedicated to a Quality Culture recognizing the performance of our products and services is what contributes to the improvement of patient care worldwide.

  1. 1We evaluate and plan with Quality as our focus
  2. 2We decide based on our core values and our commitment to Quality
  3. 3We act to achieve and maintain high Quality
  • *(Extract from the Sekisui Medical Quality Culture Statement)

Global Quality Assurance Management

We are responsible for the comprehensive management of all quality assurance related systems and processes in order to ensure the continous supply of of high quality products and services in compliance with applicable regulations.

Quality Assurance Management for All Business Units
We are responsible for the management of quality assurance systems for all the business units; Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals and Enzymes, Drug Development Solutions.
Quality Assurance Management at all Global Sites
We are responsible for the management of quality assurance systems at all global sites located in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia.
Ensuring an Appropriate Response to the Constantly Evolving Business Environment
We are responsible to ensure that regulatory compliance is adhered to in order to respond appropriately to changes of applicable laws and regulations, international standards and the business environment we work in.