Corporate History

1947 Establishment of Daiichi Pure Chemical Co., Ltd.
Start of domestic production of in vitro diagnostic reagents.
1955 Established the first private sector radioisotope laboratory
1958 Started production and sales of amino acids
1963 Released the first ever domestically-produced radiopharmaceuticals
1968 Started contract safety research business
2006 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of SEKISUI Chemical through transfer of shares owned by Daiichi Pharmaceutical
2008 Establishment of Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. (Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. was formed after the Medical Business Division of Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. was merged with Daiichi Pure Chemical Co., Ltd.)
2010 Establishment of Sekisui Medical Technology (China) through the merger of Beijing Sekisui Trank Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Sekisui Chemical's subsidiary company) and Shanghai Daiichi Diagnostics Co., Ltd (Sekisui Medical's subsidiary company).
2011 Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd. acquired the Diagnostic Pharmaceuticals Division of Genzyme Corporation in the U.S. State of Massachusetts and established Sekisui Diagnostics, LLC.
2015 Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd. acquired 100% of the shares of EIDIA Co., Ltd.
Establishment of Sekisui Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. by Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
2017 Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd. merged Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. and EIDIA Co., Ltd.
Establishment of PeptiStar Inc. through a joint venture agreement between PeptiDream Inc., Shionogi & Co., Ltd. and Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
2018 Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. acquired Veredus Laboratories Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
2023 Acquired medical business from Tokuyama Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd. and newly established Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. Tokuyama Plant.