Norudia® Insulin For Immediate Release

September 26, 2013
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

"Norudia® Insulin", a diabetes insulin assay for use on general-purpose automatic analyzers, is now available from Sekisui Medical (part of the Sekisui Chemical Group; President: Mutsumi Fukuda; Head Office: Tokyo, Chuo Ward).

Norudia® Insulin works on the principle of latex immunoturbidimetry and allows for the measurement of insulin, what up to now has been primarily the domain of specialized devices, on widely-used, various types of automated clinical analyzers. This means that on one piece of equipment, using just one blood sample, it is now possible to measure both insulin and blood glucose levels at the same time, contributing to the rapid and ready diagnosis of clinical conditions such as insulin resistance and insulin deficiency.

Norudia® Insulin joins the likes of our enzymatic HbA1c Reagent and novel Glucose Reagent as another Japan-first for Sekisui Medical. Through the combination of these reagents and our automated clinical analyzers, currently employed in a wide-variety of medical facilities throughout Japan, Sekisui Medical hopes to bring the diagnosis of diabetes and the ease-of-use of therapeutic assays to a new level of convenience.

Reference Information

  1. 1Clinical Significance of Insulin

    Insulin, a hormone produced by and secreted from β-cells in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas, reduces the amount of sugar present in the blood. Blood insulin levels reflect the production of insulin in the pancreas as well as the utilization of insulin by muscle tissues, and are widely used in the diagnosis of conditions in which the irregular metabolism of sugars develops, such as diabetes and low blood sugar.

  2. 2Product Overview

    Name: Norudia® Insulin
    Intended use: For measuring serum or plasma insulin levels
    Assay Principle: Latex immunoturbidimetry, employing anti-insulin antibodies
    Measurement Range: 1 - 150 μU/mL
    Sample Types: Serum, Plasma (containing Heparin, EDTA or NaF-EDTA)

Package Contents - Pricing

Product Name Package Contents Recommended Retail Price
Norudia® Insulin Insulin Buffer ① 15mL x 2 bottles ¥120,000
Insulin Latex Solution ② 5mL x 2 bottles

Sold Separately*
Product Name - Package Contents - Pricing

Product Name Package Contents Recommended Retail Price
Insulin Calibrator 6 conc. x 1mL (1 bottle each) ¥10,000
Insulin Control 2 conc. x 1mL (3 bottles each) ¥10,000
  • *These products are not intended for in-vitro diagnostic use
  1. 3Properties
    1. 1Can be used on various types of automated clinical analyzers.
    2. 2Can be used with plasma containing sodium fluoride, allowing for the measurement of glucose
      etc. from one blood sample.
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