Automated Coagulation Analyzer CP3000

November 14, 2013
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

CP3000, the next in the highly successful Coapresta® series of mid-/large-scale, automated coagulation analyzers, is now available to order from Sekisui Medical (part of the Sekisui Chemical Group; President: Mutsumi Fukuda; Head Office: Tokyo, Chuo Ward).

As an important part of Sekisui Medical's policy of increased emphasis on expansion of our instrument business, the Coapresta® 2000, which was released in 2007, has enjoyed steady growth with an increasing number of delivered units. The CP3000 goes on sale as the successor to this well-established automated coagulation analyzer.

In addition to the Coapresta® 2000's core concept of "small-footprint, high-throughput", the CP3000 offers rack loading and automatic scanning of reagent information, creating an even easier-to-use, feature-filled automatic analyzer.

With our core ideology "A Total Solution for our Customers" in mind, we aspire to provide the best user-experience in the hectically diverse clinical assay business through our Total Support Service.

Reference Information

Product Overview
Name: Automated Coagulation Analyzer CP3000
Intended use: Automatic blood coagulation/fibrin assays
Detection Methodologies: Scattered Light Photometry, Optical Density
Assay Types: Prothrombin time, Activated partial thromboplastin time Fibrinogen, FDP, D-dimer, Chromogenic assay types
  1. 1Product Details - Pricing
Name Package Contents Recommended Retail Price
Automated Coagulation Analyzer CP3000 CP3000 ¥10,000,000
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  1. 2Product Specifications
Throughput Coagulometric: Max. 400 tests/hour; Colorimetric: Max. 200 tests/hour
Assay Principle Coagulation Time; Chromogenisis; Latex Immunoturbidimetry
·Coagulation Assay
·Chromogenic Assay
·Immunoturbidimetric Assay
Max. 60 parameters (Coagulation: 30 / Photometric: 30)
PT, APTT, Fbg, T, H, Fa(II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII)
AT, Heparin, PLG, APL, PC
FDP, D-dimer, SF, PIC
Simultaneous Test Items Max. 20
Max. Sample Number 50 (Can be added even during analyses; includes STAT lanes)
Reagent Compartments Refrigerated: 30 ports + Room temperature: 9 ports
Calibration Curve Automatic dilution options; Multi-point calibration curve; INR calibration curve
Automatic switching between calibration curves
Detection Methodologies Scattered light photometry; Optical density
Light Sources LED (660 nm); Halogen lamp (405/570/730 nm)
Max. Data Storage Duration 2.5 Years
Quality Control Daily time-series; Daily twin plot
Operation Interface/OS 17" Touch Panel/Windows® 7
Barcode Readers:
·Reagent Code Reader
·2D Code Reader
·Sample Code Reader
W 590 x D 740 x H 1190 mm
Approximately 185 kg
  • *Analysis Unit Only
Power Supply
Power Consumption
AC 100 V ± 10 %
<1 kVA

Product Name:Automated Coagulation Analyzer CP3000
Product Code:13B2X00163225001
Generic Name: Coagulation Analyzer
Medical device requiring specialist maintenance and

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