Nanopia® TDM Zonisamide For Immediate Release

December 11, 2015
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd

"Nanopia® TDM Zonisamide", a Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) reagent, is now available from Sekisui Medical (President: Hideo Tagashira; Head Office: Tokyo, Chuo Ward).

Nanopia® TDM Zonisamide is a latex turbidimetric immunoassay. This reagent is suitable for use on various types of automated clinical analyzers. The short assay time and ready-to-use liquid state allows the urgent testing in each laboratory.

Sekisui Medical also offers TDM reagents for anti-epileptic drugs, such as Carbamazepine, Valproic acid, Phenytoin, Phenobarbital, and Topiramate. Sekisui hopes to contribute to new level of convenience by adding Nanopia® TDM Zonisamide to our TDM reagent product line.

Reference Information

  1. 1Clinical Significance

    Zonisamide is an anti-epileptic drug used in the treatment of partial seizure, generalized seizure, and mixed seizure. The reported side effects of Zonisamide are drowsiness, loss of appetite, and ataxia. In severe cases, patient may experience toxic epidermal necrolysis or drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome. Therefore the monitoring of Zonisamide concentration in human blood is recommended to provide best support for Zonisamide treatment.

  2. 2Product Overview

    Name: Nanopia® TDM Zonisamide
    Intended use: quantitative determination of Zonisamide in human serum or plasma
    Assay Principle: latex turbidimetric immunoassay
    Measurement Range: 3.0-80 µg/mL
    Sample Types: Serum or Plasma (Heparin, EDTA)

Package Contents - Pricing

Product Name Package Contents Recommended Retail Price
Nanopia® TDM Zonisamide ZNS antibody reagent ① 20mL x 1 ¥140,000
ZNS latex reagent ② 8mL x 1

Sold Separately*
Product Name - Package Contents - Pricing

Product Name Package Contents Recommended Retail Price
Zonisamide Calibrator CAL A: 2.5mL x 1
CAL B-F:1mL x 1
Zonisamide Control 2.5mL x 3 level x 1 ¥45,000
  • *These products are not intended for in-vitro diagnostic use.
  1. 3Features
    1. 1Ready-to-use liquid reagent
    2. 2Suitable for use on various types of automated clinical analyzers
    3. 3Short assay time supports urgent testing
  2. 4Product Picture
  • *"Nanopia®" is a registered trademark of Sekisui Medical.