Research & Development Sites

We are establishing a global product pipeline by strengthening the collaboration between our domestic and overseas development sites. This allows us to expand the core segments of each business unit and to develop products that satisfy unmet customer needs.

Diagnostics Business

Tsukuba Research Institute

Focusing on the fields of clinical chemistry/immunoassay, coagulation, diabetes and infectious diseases, we conduct R&D of reagents for automated analyzers using enzyme analytical methods and latex immunoturbidimetric methods, as well as columns for diabetes testing based on separation technology with polymer microparticles, and develop clinical diagnostics products with our proprietary technology.

Tsukuba Research Institute, Ami Research Facility

Utilizing our immunoassay, molecular analysis and cell culture technologies, we development for new biomarkers, develop IVD products using highly sensitive immunoassays as well as point-of-care tests in the field of infectious diseases.

Tsukuba Research Institute, PAS Development Group

Utilizing polymerization, molding, blending and assembly technologies, which are also all core technologies of the Sekisui Chemical Group, we conduct R&D for vacuum blood collection tubes and other related equipment used in the field of pre-analytical IVD process.

SEKISUI DIAGNOSTICS, LLC. (US: San Diego, CNA: Prince Edward Island)Group Development Sites

We conduct R&D for IVD products in the fields of clinical chemistry, coagulation and infectious diseases that meet the needs of our customers in the US and Europe. Furthermore, clinical trials are conducted in order to introduce Japanese IVD products to US/EU markets.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Business

Drug Synthesis R&D Center

We develop manufacturing techniques focused on specialty peptides based on our proprietary peptide synthesis technology. We also develop manufacturing processes for investigational drugs through the development and implementation of efficient synthesis methods and purification systems for peptides.

Pharmaceuticals Analysis Group, Tsukuba Research Institute

We develop new evaluation systems and related products for biomarkers, etc. in the non-clinical and clinical fields of pharmaceutical development through the use of our pioneering immunoassay, molecular analysis and instrumental analysis technologies.