Devices & components for blood collection


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PET plastic vacuum blood collection tube for clinical tests and its components.

Product line

1. Blood collection tube


Insepack is the vacuum blood collection tube with the safety cover cap. This cap helps to prevent contacts with the blood droplets and the infection in the laboratories. It is manufactured in Sekisui Medical Technology (CHINA) Ltd. (


  • The interior of the tubes is sterilized
  • Not damaged by centrifugal separation or collision
  • Closed system to minimize contact with blood

2. Components for blood collection tube

Serum Separating GEL

Sekisui serum separating gel is used for the blood collection tube as serum separator.


  • Non oily separation in the serum
  • High resistance to irradiation
  • Less adsorption of the drugs to the gel in TDM

Blood Clotting Accelerant (BCA)

Sekisui BCA is used to prevent blood sticking to the PET tube and to accelerate blood clotting.


  • Low-influence in clinical test results
  • Easy to coat inside of the tube

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