Performs custom synthesis of labelled compounds, and assessment of tests related to pharmacokinetics. Drug Development Solutions Business of SEKISUI MEDICAL.

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Drug Development Solutions Business SEKISUI MEDICAL aspires to become the most outstanding global medical company in the world.

We offer comprehensive support to develop pharmaceutical products for pharmaceutical companies using our advanced technological capabilities.

Description of Business

Business List

Screening Study

Conduct the pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, properties and safety studies of a drug in the early stage of drug development.

Synthesis of Radio-labeled Compounds

Synthesize compounds labeled with radioisotopes (RIs) or stable isotopes (SIs).

Pharmacokinetic Study

Conduct pharmacokinetic studies using test animals, cells or enzymes in compliance with reliability standards.

Pharmacological Study

Perform radio receptor assay (RRA),inhibition assay, functional assay, immunoassay and cell base assay using enzymes or cells in compliance with the GLP Standard.

Safety Study

Measure toxicokinetics, biomarkers and neutralizing antibodies in compliance with the GLP Standard.

Clinical Study

Measure drug concentrations of biologic samples or biomarkers and examine gene polymorphism in clinical studies in compliance with the GLP Standard.

Tokai Research & Development Center
Our main business is pharmacokinetic tests with our custom-ordered synthesis of radiolabeled compounds. We develop and implement new tests adapted to scientific development and updated regulations.
History of Tokai Research & Development Center
The Drug Development Solutions Center started operations in 1965 in Tokai-mura, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan for the purpose of contributing to the advance and development of scientific research through the radioisotope business. The laboratory conducts tests adapted to the times.
Instruction for Contact Research
We support rational and effective development of your pharmaceutical products. Test processes are summarized.
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