Instruction for use for CE marked products
(Translated version)


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Instruction for use for CE marked products

Product Name PDF
RC-W Reagent Kit for Thalassemia Program  
RC-W Column for Thalassemia Program  
RC-W HbF/A2 Control  
RC-W HbF/A2 Calibrator  
RC-W Reagent Kit for Diabetes Program  
RC-W Column for Diabetes Program  
RC-W HbA1c Control  
RC-W HbA1c Calibrator  
Hemoglobin Analyzer RC-W PDF[PDF:5.62MB]
RPR Reagent  
RPR Control Set  
RPR Calibrator Set  
TPLA Reagent  
TPLA Control Set  
TPLA Calibrator Set  
Mediace TPLA Gen.2  
Mediace TPLA Gen.2 Control Set  
Mediace TPLA Gen.2 Calibrator Set  
Mediace RPR Gen.2  
RPR Control Set(For Mediace RPR Gen.2)  
RPR Calibrator Set(For Mediace RPR Gen.2)