Brain Natriuretic Peptide Kit

Rapidchip BNP

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Intended Use

Human brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) is a hormone that is mainly secreted by the cardiac ventricles. BNP has both diuretic and vasodilator effects, inhibits the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and acts as antagonists of various vasoconstrictors, BNP has been reported to protect the myocardium during heart failure and improve heart disease conditions. Because BNP production increases with elevation of the cardiac workload, it can be used as an index for diagnosing and evaluating the severity of cardiac failure.

Specification of Rapidchip BNP

Drug Classification In Vitro Diagnostics
Certification No. in Japan 221ADAMX00004000
Package Test device 20 pcs. Accessory: CAL 1 pc.
Storage 2-10℃
Samples Plasma or whole blood(EDTA-2Na・EDTA-2K, heparinized)
Sample Volume 120µL
Measurement Time 15 min
Measurement Range 10-800 pg/mL
Reference standard range ≤ 18.4 pg/mL1)
Assay Principle Immunochromatography
Detection Method Reflected light intensity as measured by dedicated instrument Manufacturer

1) Yasue H. Yoshimura M. et al.: Clinical Endocrinology 41,391. 1939. Japanese.

Sold Separately

Product Name Package Storage
Rapidchip BNP Dissolution Buffer* 10 × 1mL 2-10℃
Rapidchip BNP Control* 1 × 2conc. × 0.5mL(lyophilized)
  • *Not in vitro diagnostic products in Japan.

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