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  • *Read carefully the package insert before use.

Rapidpia is a compact, lightweight immunochromatographic reader that allows easy and quick measurements.

It can measure BNP, D-dimer, H-FABP, and procalcitonin (PCT), and can be used in various fields such as emergency sites, bedsides, and family doctors.


Simple operability
BNP, D-dimer, H-FABP, and PCT can be quantified without pre-treatment * for both whole blood and plasma samples conveniently.
  • *In the case of BNP measurement, dilution operation is necessary to measure samples over 800 pg/mL.
Report rapidly
The reaction time is D-dimer, H-FABP,PCT about 10 minutes, BNP about 15 minutes. With built-in thermal printer, speedy and smooth result report at consultation.
The device is small (footprint A4 size) and light (about 1.4 kg)

Assay Principle

Operation is 2 steps. Test results can be output easily and rapidly.

Analysis condition can be set easilily.

Insert the CAL card, provided with each reagent kit, into the instrument and register information on the reagent (lot, analysis conditions, expiration date, etc.).

  • *Once the CAL card is registered, reagents of the same lot, can be used without registration from the next time.
    The registered information is stored in the reader for up to 50 lots.

Product overview

Rapidpia Specification

Certification number in Japan 13B2X00163224001
Analyzer Specification  
 Detection Method Reflect Light Intensity
 Display 8-line LCD
 Printer Heat Transfer Printing
 External Interface USB,RS-232C
 Power Supply AC 100V-240V(50/60Hz)
 External Dimensions 205(W)×275(D)×96(H)mm
 Weight Approx. 1.4 kg
 Operation Temperature Range
 Operation Relative Humidity
70% or less (without condensation)

Sold Separately

Product Name Package
Rapidpia QC Device 1 unit
Rapidpia Barcode Reader 1 unit
Rapidpia RS232-C Cable 1 unit
Rapidpia USB Cable 1 unit
Rapidpia Printer Paper 10 rolls

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