Type IV Collagen kit

Panassay IV-C [Latex]

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  • *Read carefully the package insert before use.
  • Can be used on automated clinical analyzers
  • Ready-to-use liquid reagent
  • Allows simple and accurate determination of Type IV collagen concentrations in serum using the latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetric method.

Intended Use

Determination of Type IV collagen concentrations in serum

About Type IV collagen

Type IV collagen is the major component of the basement membrane. In liver fibrosis, basement membrane forms in perisinusoidal space and type IV collagen increases as the condition progresses.
Measurement of type IV collagen in serum is useful in distinguishing between the stages of hepatic fibrosis (F2 or higher, or F1 or lower) as well as in the diagnosis of cirrhosis.

  • *This test recognizes the 7S and TH domains in type IV collagen.

Assay Principle

An antigen-antibody reaction between type IV collagen in the sample and mouse monoclonal anti-human type IV collagen antibody-coated latex and rat monoclonal anti-human IL-2R antibody-coated latex causes agglutination. The change of absorbance due to agglutination is measured to determine the type IV collagen level.


Product Name Package
Buffer Solution 1 × 40 mL
Latex suspension 1 × 13 mL
Panassay IV-C [Latex] IV-C standard 1 × 4 conc. × 1 mL
  • *Other package sizes are available. Contact SEKISUI MEDICAL CO., LTD. for details.

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