Sialylated carbohydrate antigen KL-6 Kit

Nanopia KL-6

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Sialylated carbohydrate antigen KL-6 Kit

Intended Use

Measurement of sialylated carbohydrate antigen KL-6 in serum or plasma


  1. 1Liquid reagent that can be used on various types of automated analyzers.
  2. 2No reagent preparation needed
  3. 3Results can be obtained in approximately 10 min.

Assay Principle

Sialylated carbohydrate antigen KL-6(referred to as KL-6) in samples agglutinates with mouse KL-6 monoclonal antibody coated latex through the antigen-antibody reaction. The change in absorbance caused by this agglutination is measured to determine the KL-6 level.


Product Name Package
Nanopia KL-6 Nanopia KL-6 Reagent 1 2×24mL
Nanopia KL-6 Reagent 2* 2×8mL
  • *Ingredients:Mouse anti-human KL-6 monoclonal antibody- coated latex
    (Latex coated with mouse anti-human sialylated carbohydrate antigen KL-6 monoclonal antibodies)

Sold Separately

Product Name Package
Nanopia KL-6 Calibrator * 4 conc. × 0.5 mL
Nanopia KL-6 Calibrator * 1 × 4 conc. × 1.0 mL
Nanopia E Control * 3 × 2 conc. × 1.0 mL
  • *Not in vitro diagnostic products in Japan.

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