Commitment to Environmental Conservation

Sustainable growth from an ESG management perspective

By striving to be an "Environmentally Creative Company," we are working to coexist with the natural environment.
The Iwate Plant acquired ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification in February 2001.

Waste liquid treatment flow and methane gas utilization

The manufacturing water selected as  one of the best 20 waters in Iwate, is discharged into rivers, after processed with under 25ppm of TOC by primary and secondary treatment.In addition, methane gas generated during treatment, is converted into steam and used in the manufacturing process, to decrease fuel consumption by approximately 30% and contribute to reduce CO2 emissions.

Other environmental activities

We were certified as an Environmentally Friendly business site in Iwate on June 26, 2014, and updated on April 30, 2020.
In 2012, we switched from heavy oil to LNG and reduced CO2 emissions by 28%.
We carry out social contribution activities in the local community, such as picking up trash in the vicinity of the plant and growing the trees on the site of the Matsuo Mine.