Introduction of GMP manufacturing for Peptides

We manufacture GMP grade peptide APIs for customers in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We support our clients at every step of product development; from process development to commercial manufacturing.
STag-PSTM is the peptide synthetic method developed by Sekisui Medical. It enables economical and environmentally friendly production. It is crucial in peptide synthesis to suppress side reactions and achieve a high purity, since it leads to much less strain on the purification process. Difficult purification is time consuming and often caused by the separation from the deletion peptides and/or epimers. STag-PSTM reduces such by-products.
STag-PSTM provides distinguished advantage in condensation even with low reactive amino acids such as N-Me amino acid or Aib. Its high reactivity suppresses side reactions to afford sterically congested peptides in high purity. Our next-generation of synthetic process provides efficient and cost competitive manufacturing of a wide range of peptides. We offer our customers the solution of peptides synthesis by innovative method. Further technical details will be updated in future.

Our next-generation of synthetic process, STag-PS™ Method

Manufacturing Capability

  • Scales from grams to multi-kilograms per batch
  • Applicable from preclinical or clinical trials to launch