History of Fine Chemical Business

The Pharmaceuticals and Enzymes Business inherited the chemical business operations of our former company Daiichi Pure Chemicals.

Timeline Event
1947 Daiichi Pure Chemicals Co., Ltd. established on July 10th.
1960 Construction of the Funabori Factory completed.
1973 Acquired land in Hachimantai (then known as Matsuo-mura), Iwate Prefecture.
1977 Agreement on environmental pollution control concluded with Hachimantai (Matsuo-mura), Iwate Prefecture.
1978 Construction of Iwate Plant (Stage 1) completed. Acquired Dowa Kasei Kogyo.
1979 Iwate Plant inaugurated.
1981 Construction of Iwate Plant (Stage 2) completed.
1985 Funabori Plant closed and production transferred to the Iwate Plant.
Construction of Iwate Plant (Stage 3) completed.
1992 Construction of the Iwate Plant and anaerobic wastewater treatment facility completed.
2000 Construction of Iwate Plant (Stage 4) completed.
2006 Construction of Iwate Plant (Stage 5) completed.
2013 Added a cleanroom for investigational new drugs and peptides.
2014 Installed preparative HPLC equipment and a freeze dryer in the cleanroom.
2017 Added a clean room for medium volume GMP-compliant manufacturing (in September)
2018 Added a building for API manufacturing.
2023 Completion of manufacturing plant for pharmaceutical intermediates in March