Flow of Contract Service Flow

Contract Manufacturing

We quickly and flexibly handle process development, manufacturing of grams to couple of kilograms, pilot-scale manufacturing, and industrial-scale manufacturing.


R&D Center

Our technical staffs at R&D Center manage small-scale study, pilot manufacturing, and up to industrial-scale manufacturing.


We have been developing latest GMP systems. We are ready for audits by domestic and overseas customers at any time. We offer quality assurance by testing products with our latest analytical apparatuses.


We are capable of both water-based and organic solvent-based manufacturing thanks to our multi-purpose facility. We will meet the customers' various needs with adequate equipments that can carry out any reactions and treatments. Our facilities conform to GMP.

Environmental Considerations

We obtained "ISO 14001" certificate and have been actively addressing the establishment of environmental management system. We are trying to make our factory more environment-friendly with wastewater treatment (anaerobic fermentation processing facility and activated sludge processing facility) which had been constructed with environmental protection in mind.