Performs commissioned manufacturing of Active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs), Peptides, and amino acids,etc. Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals Business, Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

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Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals Business SEKISUI MEDICAL aspires to become the most outstanding global medical company in the world.

Using our expertise in optical resolution for amino acid production, we perform contract manufacturing of drug substances and pharmaceutical intermediates, contributing to the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Description of Business

Product List

Flow of Contract Service

We engage in the formation of a synthetic pathway, g-kg scale manufacturing, pilot scale manufacturing, and commercial scale manufacturing.

Introduction of amino acid synthesis technology

We manufacture DL-, L-, and D-amino acids by the synthesis methods. We can also manufacture unnatural amino acids and various protective amino acids.

R&D Division

The staff has swift flexibility in response to the technical demands of small to industrial scale.

Production Division

We have many experience for a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system to manufacture APIs.

Quality Assurance Division
We have a GMP-compliant system to manufacture new investigational drugs, and pharmaceutical intermediates and products.
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
We sell clemastine fumarate, gabexate mesylate, γ-aminobutyric acid and ε-aminocaproic acid.
We supply various peptides using Molecular Hiving® technology.
Outline and Details of Business
We perform contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and manufacturing of amino acids.
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