Cholesterol Kit

Cholestest CHO

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  • *Read carefully the package insert before use.

Assay Procedure

Reagent Preparation

  • Reagent 1 : Enzyme Solution 1 is ready to use.
  • Reagent 2 : Enzyme Solution 2 is ready to use.

Assay Procedure

This product is compatible with various automated analyzers. An example of the assay procedure is indicated below.

Assay Procedure

Assessment of Assay Results

  1. 1Reference Interval

    142-248 mg/dL
    (References: Kanai M. (supervising editor): Kanai's manual of clinical laboratory medicine. 34th ed. 512, Kanehara Shuppan, 2015.)

  2. 2Precautions for Assessment

    There may be reactions or interfering reactions with non target substances. If assay results appear to be unreliable, repeat the measurement (if necessary, after dilution) or try another analytical methods.

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