HDL-Cholesterol Kit

Cholestest N HDL

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Cholestest N HDL is a liquid reagent for the measurement of HDL-cholesterol by the direct method, using differences in specificities of detergent to lipoprotein. The reagent does not contain polyanions or magnesium salts, allowing the accurate measurement of samples with high levels of globulin or TG. The reagent will not form insoluble precipitates upon the addition of an alkaline washing solution, therefore there will not be any burden on the instrument.


  • Accurate measurement of samples with high globulin or triglyceride levels
  • Does not contain flocculants or divalent metal ions
  • Good correlation with DCM method
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Assay Principle

Direct Method

Direct Method
  • Reaction 1
    The reaction accelerator allows free cholesterol on the surface of LDL or VLDL to react with the enzyme.
    H2O2 produced in the reaction is eliminated by peroxidase, thus no color develops.
  • Reaction 2
    Specific detergent selectively solubilizes HDL, allowing the reaction of HDL-cholesterol and the enzyme. H2O2 produced in the reaction develops color due to 4-amino antipyrine and DSBmT in the presence of peroxidase.


Product Name Package Storage
Cholestest N HDL Enzyme Solution 1 2×55mL 2-10℃
Enzyme Solution 2 2×20mL 2-10℃
  • *Other package sizes are available. Contact SEKISUI MEDICAL CO., LTD. for details.

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