LDL-Cholesterol Kit

Cholestest LDL

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Cholestest LDL is a liquid reagent for the measurement of LDL-cholesterol concentrations using differences in affinity between lipoproteins and detergents. It requires no fractionation steps and can be used on various automated analyzers. It also shows a high correlation with the ultracentrifugation method.


  • Use of the direct method requires no complex operations
  • High correlation with the ultracentrifugation method
  • Liquid reagent applicable to various automated analyzers
  • Not influenced by chyle (up to 1500 mg/dl of triglyceride)
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Assay Principle

Enzymatic measurement

Reaction 1

Reaction 1

Detergent 1 does not change the structure of LDL, but changes the structures of chylomicron (CM), VLDL, and HDL, triggering the enzymatic reaction of cholesterols in these lipoproteins with cholesterol esterase (CE) and cholesterol oxidase (COD). Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) formed in the reaction is eliminated by the actions of peroxidase (POD) and 4-aminoantipirine (4-AA).

Reaction 2

Reaction 2

Add surfactant 2 to change the structure of LDL that remains without participating in the first reaction which leads the enzymatic reaction. The reaction reagent contains the coloring agent N, N-bis (4-sulfobutyl) -m-toluidine disodium (DSBmT), which leads to hydrogen peroxide generated from LDL-cholesterol into a blue-violet color reaction and colorimetric determinate.

Product Name Package Storage
Cholestest LDL Enzyme Solution 1 2×60mL 2-10℃
Enzyme Solution 2 2×20mL
Cholestest N Calibrator* 3×2.0mL
  • *Not an in vitro diagnostic product in Japan.

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