Fibrin/Fibrinogen Degradation Product Kit

Nanopia P-FDP

We created this page for medical staff.

  • *Read carefully the package insert before use.


  • Suitable for use with plasma or serum- uses a monoclonal antibody specific to the D fraction of FDP.
  • Total FDP is always higher than the D-dimer value (when using Nanopia D-dimer).
  • *This package insert follows the Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and Other Therapeutic Products Act of Japan.

Reference Standards



Product Name Package Storage
Nanopia P-FDP P-FDP Buffer Solution 1 1×10.5mL 2-10℃
P-FDP Latex Reagent 2 1×10mL
FDP Calibrator N* 1×5conc.×0.5mL(lyophilized) 2-10℃
FDP Control* 3×2conc.×1mL(lyophilized) 2-10℃
  • *Not in vitro diagnostic products in Japan.


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