Fibrin Degradation Product Kit

Nanopia D-dimer

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What's a D-dimer?

D-dimer (stable fibrin degradation product)

D-dimers are products generated through the degradation of stable fibrin by plasmin. They consist of various fractions from high molecular weight products (YY/DXD or larger products) to low molecular products (DD) depending on the degradation pattern. A defining characteristic of D-dimers is the presence of the DD fraction. Nanopia D-dimer utilizes a monoclonal antibody specific to this DD fraction and thus captures all D-dimer variants.

FDP fraction Antibody Nanopia D-dimer
One kind of MoAb
Nanopia P-FDP
2 kinds of MoAb
Non-FDP Fibrinogen - -
FDP fraction SFMC - -
X - +
Y - +
D-monomer - +
E - -
High molecular weight FDP + +
DD/E + +
DD + +

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