Human Liver-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (L-FABP) Kit


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  • *Read carefully the package insert before use.

Assay Procedure

Reagent Preparation

  • Reagent 1: L-FABP Buffer Solution 1 is ready to use.
  • Reagent 2: L-FABP Latex Reagent 2 is ready to use.

Before using Reagent 2, gently invert the L-FABP Latex Reagent 2 bottle to mix thoroughly and check that no foam is formed.

Assay Procedure

This product is compatible with various types of automated analyzers. An example of the assay procedure is shown below.

Assay Procedure
  1. *1Use spot or pooled urine as the sample.
    (do not use acidic urine or pooled urine containing toluene)
  2. *2Absorbance Ⅰ and Ⅱ:Difference between absorbance at 570nm and at 800nm

Calibration material:L-FABP Calibrator (manufacture's assigned value)
Reagent blank:Saline

Assessment of Assay Results

  1. 1Correction of Assay Results

    Assay results should be corrected for urinary creatinine concentration to calculate the L-FABP level (µg/gCr) per gram of urinary creatinine.
    [Conversion formula] L-FABP(µg/gCr) = L-FABP(ng/mL) / Cr(mg/dL) × 100

  2. 2Reference Interva

    The reference Interval calculated from the urinary L-FABP level in 412 healthy humans has been reported to be not more than 8.4 µg/gCr.6)

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